The Best Generators on the Market

This ultimate generator guide will help you decide on the best generator for your needs.

Finding the best generator for your needs can be difficult. And reading all the Amazon generator reviews can be exhausting! So how do you decide which generator to buy, and even which technical specs and features you need? The key is to decide what devices you need to power and under what circumstances. Luckily, the expert researchers at Hazoog have compiled a quick guide to help you find the best generator for your needs. This guide includes a top 10 generator comparison chart, generator reviews, and a generator quiz.

Overall Best Portable Generator: Yamaha EF6300iSDE

According to our expert research, the Yamaha EF6300iSDE is the best portable generator for most people. This inverter portable generator is whisper quiet and easily transported. It can run for 13 hours and has a running wattage of 5,500. That means it can power pretty much all the electrical appliances for a typical family of four. Perfect for emergency backup power, or even for camping or RV trips. And of course, this generator has the high quality you’d expect from Yamaha. If you don’t believe us, just check the amazing Amazon generator reviews this model received from real buyers.

Best Generator for Camping and RVs: Yamaha EF2000iSv2

If you’re looking for a generator for camping or RV trips, then the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is your best choice. This models uns off of gas or propane, for extra versatility. In addition, it can power your needs for 10.5 hours and it has a running wattage of 1,600. This is the perfect amount of wattage to power all of your camping or RV appliances. And of course, this inverter generator is lightweight and easily transported.

Best Generator for Emergency and Backup Power: DuroMax XP10000EH

If you’re looking for a generator for emergency and backup power, you need a model that has serious power. The DuroMax XP10000EH has a running wattage of 8,000 and a run time of around 10 hours on a full tank of gas. While this model is a little noisy, it’s also sturdy and reliable. The perfect generator to buy and keep in your garage for snow storms or hurricanes. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but if you do you know it’ll get the job done!

Best Generator for Work Sites and Construction Areas: Generac 5734

A generator for work sites and construction areas needs to have some serious wattage thresholds. That’s why the Generac 5734 is the perfect choice. With a running wattage of 15,000, this can power a multitude of power tools and other large appliances all at once. And on one tank of gas you can have power for an entire work day, plus some serious overtime.

Best Permanent Standby Generator: Briggs & Stratton 40396 20000-Watt Home Standby Generator

If you live in an area with frequent power outages, you’ll probably do best with a permanent standby generator. And for your needs, the Briggs & Stratton 40396 20000-Watt Home Standby Generator is your best choice. Boasting 20,000 watts, this model has all the power you need and more to run your home in an outage. And with only moderate noise levels, so you won’t bother your neighbors.

Comparison Table of the Best generators: Top Ten Generators for 2017

Yamaha EF6300iSDE Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Coleman CG3500i DuroStar DS4000S Briggs & Stratton 40511 10kW Standby Generator Briggs & Stratton 40396 20000-Watt Home Standby Generator Generac 5734 DuroMax XP10000EH Champion Power Equipment 100165 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Sportsman GEN7500DF
Type Inverter Generator Inverter Generator Inverter Generator Portable Generator Standby Generator Standby Generator Portable Generator Portable Generator Portable Generator Portable Generator
Fuel Type Gas Gas/Propane Gas Gas Propane Propane Gas Gas/Propane Gas/Propane Gas/Propane
Running Wattage 5500 1600 3500 3300 10,000 20,000 15,000 8,000 7,500 6,000
Typical Running Time 13 hours 10.5 hours 4 hours 8 hours unlimited unlimited 14 hours 10 hours 13.5 hours 9 hours
Noise Level Quiet Quiet Quiet Noisy Moderate Moderate Noisy Noisy Noisy Noisy
Retailers Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

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